How To Make A Female Orgasm Every Single Time

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How To Make A Female Orgasm Multiple Times

You might think that you’re amazing in bed, but you really don’t know that for sure. If you’re sleeping with a woman and she’s not having orgasms, you aren’t doing as good as you thought you were. If you want to learn how to make a female orgasm multiple time during sex, you need to stop focusing on yourself and start paying more attention to the woman you’re in bed with. Learning how to make a female orgasm will actually be beneficial to you and it will make you a lot better in bed. If you aren’t the biggest fan of foreplay, remember that it takes a lot more for a woman to reach orgasm than it typically does a man, so foreplay should actually be your best friend. By using extra foreplay, and not seeing sex like a race to the finish line, you’ll be able to make a woman have multiple orgams. By learning how to make a female orgasm, you’re going to have more opportunities to have sex, especially since women tend to come back for more if you left them satisfied.

Get To Know Each Other: Ask About Their Upbringing

Going on an online date can make you feel extra nervous, especially since you’re meeting up with someone you know nothing about. Preparing yourself for your online date might be a lot more beneficial than you thought, and it can stop you from having any unwanted awkward moments. If you want to get to know your online date, you should probably ask her some questions about herself, and a great way to do this is to ask her about her upbringing. To get to know your date, you should ask her questions that will lead to her somewhat opening up to you. By asking about her upbringing you can find out where she grew up, what high school she went to and what type of activities she used to do. You never know, you might even know some people of the same people. Since your goal is to get to know your date, you need to make sure that you ask her questions about herself and not general topics.

Dating Topics: Ask About Their Musical Taste

Coming by some stellar dating topics really isn’t that easy, and you certainly don’t want to start asking her question like “what’s your favorite color?”. To avoid asking your date some ridiculous questions, you should try having some dating topics in mind in case you encounter some silent moments. A great dating topic is music, this will help you see if you can truly connect with your date on a mental platform. If you and your date have the same taste in music chances are you will be more compatible for one another. Instead of asking her what music she listens to, you can always ask her what concerts she’s been to. This dating topic will really let you see who you’re dealing with, and you might even be surprised at her choice in music. Don’t stress over finding the best dating topics and make sure that your conversation comes smoothly but you also shouldn’t show up to your date without having any dating topics prepared whatsoever.

Don’t Get Too Personal: Ask About Their Everyday Life

When chatting with your date, you shouldn’t try to get too personal too fast. Getting too personal too fast can make your date feel uncomfortable and get her in a bad mood. You should always keep the conversation light and fun stop yourself from prying into her personal life. Sure, you want to get to know her but you also want to land a second date, and if you do you’ll have plenty of time to figure her out. Getting too personal will only end up backfiring on you so stop yourself from asking her questions about past lovers, sexual encounters and her family issues.

Ask About Their Funniest Online Dating Experience

A great dating topic is asking your date about her funny online dating experiences. Since men and women tend to have very different online dating experiences, it can be interesting to find out about the girl’s side of things. Asking about your dates funniest online dating experiences can get you guys laughing and make her feel more comfortable around you. Online dating platforms are usually a ridiculous place and everyone has had some questionable dating experiences so by exploring this topic you can find out what your date likes and doesn’t like about online dating.


Fantasy Elicitation: Learn To Please Your Partner With These Awesome Sex Moves

sex moves fantasyFantasy Elicitation Sex Moves

Fantasy Elicitation: What She Really Wants

When you’re involved in a casual relationship, you have a big job to do. Since you’re not there to mentally arouse your partner, you need to physically arouse her in a way she’s never been aroused before. Not many people want to come clean about their fantasies, but when you’re in a relationship that mainly revolves around sex, it is your duty to elicit your casual sex partner’s fantasies. Fantasy elicitation will make your partner feel very close to you, and it will make her see you in a new light. If you can get you casual sex partner to open up to you about her fantasies, you’re pretty much the best casual sex buddy in the world. By learning everything there is to know about your partner’s sexuality, you are making it possible to fulfill her deepest desires. Some people date the same person all their life and have never tried to elicit their partner’s fantasies, so if you’re able to do this with someone you don’t love, you’re truly amazing in bed. Finding out what your casual sex partner really wants out of her sex is a great accomplishment, and if you have just made someone’s wildest dreams come true, you deserve a pat on the back.

Sex Moves That All Women Love

Women might seem complicated from the outside, but once you get to know them you’ll realise that they’re all pretty much the same. Having amazing sex moves will turn you into a better lover, and make women want to have sex with you all the time. There are a few sex moves that all women love, and they really aren’t that hard to learn. A lot of women like it when their man gets a little rough in bed (not too rough), and by this I mostly mean being assertive. Women want to feel like they’re in good hands, so by holding them firmly, guiding them to new sex moves, and calling the shots, you’re going to make your lady feel very happy and satisfied.

Please Her By Giving Her What She Deserves

A lot of men think that sex is a one way street, and tend to make the whole act about them. Instead of spending time on their partner, they get her to do all the work, cum and then call it a night. If you want to become a passionate lover and sexual partner, you need to learn how to please your woman by giving her what she deserves. What she deserves is to feel as much pleasure as you do, and not be left hanging once you’ve had your fill. Women tend to take a lot longer to reach orgasms than men do, so you should always try to prolong your sex. To give your girl what she deserves you need to work for it and make sure that she cums at least once. If you end up having an orgam before she does, there are other ways that you can keep the action going. Having sex isn’t all about you, and reaching orgasm together should be something you try to achieve. You need to learn how to please her if you want to keep her, so don’t start slacking off when it comes to having sex.

Drive Her Crazy By Doing This

If you want to drive your partner crazy in bed, you need to learn what makes her tick. Once you’ve gotten familiar with her body and began anticipating her responses, you can finally begin to drive her crazy. If you want to drive her absolutely nuts, you should make sure that she reaches orgasm before you do and then keep giving her orgasm after orgasm. By the end of it she will be begging you to stop because her body won’t be able to take it anymore.

Make Her Want You More

When you meet someone you really connect with, you need to do all you can to keep them coming back for more. To do this, you need to make sure that you’re delievery amazing sex every single time you and your casual sex partner meet up. If you want to make her want you more than ever before, you need to be able to make her orgasm. If you’re good in bed, you will make her want you without having to try too hard. But if you really like this girl and want to be with her, you need to stimulate her physically and mentally, by doing this you’re going to make her want you more each and every day.